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Antitrust Business


The nature of antitrust violation actions is when a corporation or company is performing alone, due to its tremendous strength in its industry, or several corporations or companies functioning together as part of a conspiracy pursue to control, limit, or eradicate competition through territory agreements, price fixing, or other anticompetitive manners. What this leads to is higher prices and fewer options for consumers.

The Law Office of Nnamdi S. Jackson, P.A. offers a full set of legal services, from expert advice on how to prevent complicated legal proceedings with high potential consequences, to build serious and aggressive defense strategy.  This law office also prosecutes all possible antitrust cases, protecting small and large business companies and individuals accused of anti-competitive behavior.  We are ready to protect all businesses in South Florida.

We also protect businesses that have been accused of antitrust law violations.  Our firm defends businesses in complicated criminal and civil cases in related areas, such as tax, employment issues, trading transactions, IT operations, intellectual property protection and others. Our knowledge and skills allow us to offer expert theoretical and practical legal advice for our clients. We provide our clients all the legal services they need to combat severe economic crimes charges and protect themselves and their business from potential harsh negative consequences.

If you are facing any of the situations mentioned above, contact the Law Office of Nnamdi S. Jackson today. We will help guide you down the path of your options and help you make the best choice for your situation.